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  • Our Senior Staff

    Meet the Team : We are proud to introduce to you our Team of Professionals who have been helping our customers from more than a decade with their relentless hard work, One to One support and a top notch service. Our Dedicated and Caring team members are here to provide you with the ultimate technical support and customer service. We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly professional environment. From our Sales Staff to our Technical support executives, we strive to make your tenure with us as pleasant as possible. Our Technicians bring an ever expanding knowledge to enhance your web presence with leading edge technology.

  • Mr. Rajiv Kumar Chugh (CEO)

    Mr. Rajiv Kumar Chugh (CEO)

    Is the founder and CEO of Incyber Media and Technologies. Founded in 1998, Incyber has since expanded its network nationwide having association with Top notch datacenters in USA. It is Mr. Rajiv's vision and dynamic leadership which has led Incyber to become one of the most successful privately held hosting companies in India. It is under his vision that we became Accredited Registrar of .IN Domains and is one of the most trusted name in Web Hosting Industry.

  • Mr. Pankaj Singh

    Mr. Pankaj Singh

    Pankaj joined Incyber in the year 2001. Since the day he joined us he has never let us down. It is his presence in Incyber which has made all the difference. We find ourselves very fortunate that he is still on our pay rolls after having served with us for more than a decade. We feel proud to have a person like him working for us as he has been the pillar of strength, calm and patience for all these years. He has seen thick and thin of the web hosting industry for more than a decade and is a trouble shooter.

  • Mr.Mahesh Kumar

    Mr.Mahesh Kumar

    He is a wonder boy. A one man army who accepts any challenge. Ask him to climb Mt. Everest and he will be ready to go provided it falls under his duty roster. Smooth talker and a very fast learner who never say 'no' for work. He is one indispensable person who makes most difficult tasks look so simple. A true managerial material who very clearly understands that hard work is the only way to succeed in life.

  • Mr. Arman

    Mr. Arman

    Arman has been working with us for more than 8 years. He joined us as a teenager and now has matured into a person par excellence. He has been hardworking, intelligent and desire to excel. It is for his relentless effort and passion to learn that we are always in pursuit of new horizons and explore new possibilities. People like him are the back bone of any organization and the real cause of its success.

  • Chetram


    He is a person who can be an ideal and must have for anyone in his life. From a very humble background he has evolved himself to a very respectable position in life. A true friend in need. He has been a great learner who has excelled just by sheer hard work and a passion to grasp knowledge. We salute him for his dedication and honesty. God Bless him and his family.

  • Santosh Kumar

    Mr. Santosh Kumar

    We call him our Firewall. God knows how he gets all the strength to with stand so much of pressure in life and office. Truly a sincere and honest person who has given 10000% of his dedication for all the years he has worked in customer care. The man simply means business.

  • Ram Bhawan

    Mr. Ram Bhawan

    21 years of his association with Mr. Rajiv is enough to tell us how valuable is his presence to the Organization. A trouble shooter and sincere worker, on whom you can always depend upon.

  • Mr. M.S Negi

    Mr. M.S Negi - Accounts

    He ensures that cheques are deposited on time in the bank and records are updated, for a hassle free accounting.

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